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Vivid Peace Music

Refreshingly original, always interesting

Jim Pearson has a passion for music. His music defies genres and boundaries, with instrumental sounds ranging from peaceful to bluesy to rockin'! No matter what kind of music you like, there's likely an album or tune Just For You in Jim's repertoire.

Inspired Impressionistic Jazzy-New Age Instrumentals

From acoustic recordings to open and airy electric instrumental recordings to Electronic recordings, Jim’s sounds are always fresh and different.

Musical Stories • Sound Paintings • Mindscapes

The music he makes is conceived, performed, and engineered by with his muse Margaret. The music is clean and clear, and is created to have a live (human) quality, but with just a touch of color as though lots of different people are playing the parts. Listen carefully to the music - it will take you on a journey you will sincerely enjoy!

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